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6 Week Internship at Osh State University

16 April 2022, Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan

PhD students of Osh State University were in research practice.

On April 16, PhD students from the Public Health & Medicine Department returned from a 6-week research internship and submitted their reports.

The conference was attended by Idris Kenjaev, Director of the Department of Master's and PhD Doctoral Studies, R. Kalmatov, Program Manager of Public Health and Medicine, and PhD students.  During the 6-week internship, PhD students, together with the national research supervisor, developed a plan for doctoral dissertations, conducted research, and some doctoral students submitted their scientific articles for publication in the journals SKOPUS, Web of Science.

Program Manager Roman Kalmatov offered doctoral students free access to the university's clinical laboratory for research. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 4 doctoral students selected on a competitive basis will go to Europe for 1 month to exchange scientific experience. There are a total of 13 doctoral students in public health and medicine.



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