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DERECKA Summer School at Vilnius Tech University

May 2022, Vilnius - Lithuania

The DERECKA summer school was hosted by Vilnius Tech University and took place in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. During this week, multiple events and projects hosted by Vilnius Tech also took place including the EMBRACE project, the free project, an international staff exchange week and an international conference in Business and Management.

The first day mainly involved introductory presentations from Vilnius Tech’s business faculty staff and project leaders from the different ERASMUS projects. In addition to this, round table discussions were held for the DERECKA project for the presentation of the manual for PhD supervisors, and the leader of the DERECKA project, Prof. Dr Kenesh Djusupov presented the 24-month review report.

The second day was mainly focused on the international staff week; each participating university was given an opportunity to present a short introduction into their university and research activities. In the evening, a cultural experience took place in the form of a traditional Lithuanian dinner.

On the third day, the project participants were introduced to the university’s Creativity and Innovation Centre, “Linkmenų fabrikas”, and received a tour showcasing all the Engineering, Design and Media activities that take place at the centre. Various projects were showcased that involved cooperation with local governments for innovative projects that benefit Lithuanian society on a national level.

The International Scientific Conference “Business and Management 2022” took place on the penultimate day, where presentations were held on interesting and innovative topics such as “Green Economy and Sustainable Development” and “Business Technologies and Sustainable Entrepreneurship”. The conference was attended by universities from over 30 countries, making it a widely international event. A gala dinner at the “Sky Bar, Radisson Blu Hotel” took place that evening, with a cultural aspect involving a traditional Lithuanian music performance.

On the last day, the DERECKA project meetings were wrapped up and a discussion on future collaboration opportunities between participants were held. A city tour of Vilnius showcasing the unique and rich history of the city wrapped up an insightful and productive week for the DERECKA project.


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