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DERECKA Summer School at Brunel University

19-25 June 2022, London - England

The DERECKA summer school was hosted by Brunel University, and took place in London, the capital of England. During this week, multiple events and projects were hosted by the staff and PhD students at Brunel University.

The first day involved introductory presentations on PhD vs Industrial R&D by Prof Tatiana Kalgonova and Dr Cidgem Sengul, and PhD Administration by Vicky Maladeni, Hope Wallis, and Ela Heaney. The day finished with a campus tour led by the AI PhD students.

On the second day, the AI PhD students showed their previous and current projects in the AI edge lab. Presentations continued with discussions of PhD in interdisciplinary social science by Dr Monomita Nandy and PhD in Law by Dr Stelios Andredakis.

On the third day, presentations were given on PhD Education in the UK, AI in applications developed by Brunel, by Prof. Kalganova. The group also took part in brainstorming for future project scoping and risk evaluation.

The fourth day took place at Windsor, where the group visited Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. They made the most of the good weather by touring the town and its sights.

The week concluded with the final presentations on PhD in Law presented by Dr Pin Lean, PhD in Medical Sciences by Dr Elmar Kal, Postgraduate UK education by Dr Inma Andres and Economics PhD in the UK by Prof Nigar Hashimzade. Certificates were awarded at dinner in the Beldam Gallery.



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