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Motivation of DERECKA

There is a strong need to improve the quality of scientific mentorship of the research work of a doctoral student, which differs from the traditional mentorship.
As it was completely new for them, it was difficult for local professors to guide the PhD students' research. They are lacking knowledge of requirements to PhD study and have no skills required for scientific supervision. For the fullest possible integration into the international system of higher education, the changes in the higher education and introducing the national qualification framework and spreading PhD culture in the Kyrgyz Republic are required.
The introduction of PhD programs as the third cycle of education combines the optimal balance between training and research and reduces the time of preparation and award the highest academic degree. It will increase the interest of young specialists in scientific work.

Main objectives

In order to achieve the aim of strengthening and expanding PhD system in Kyrgyzstan, the following objective have to be met.

PhD programmes

Modernisation of existing PhD studies and development of new PhD programmes compliant with EU standards

Research competences

Enhancing research competences of academic staff and building innovative research expertise in Kyrgyzstan


Improvement of administration of governing PhD programmes

PhD culture

Promotion of PhD culture amongst Academia, stakeholders and wider society in Kyrgyzstan

Expected outcomes

The corresponding, anticipated outcomes after project completion.

Strengthened PhD programmes in Kyrgyzstan

PhD students enrolled in new/modernised programmes in Kyrgyzstan

Improved research competences of academic staff in Kyrgyzstan

Increased innovative research expertise in the Kyrgyz research rationale